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5/18/2018 (Permalink)

flooded hallway sewage damage before remediation

SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield is most notably known as being a leading fire and water cleanup and restoration company, but we also specialize in biohazard, vandilism and crime scene cleanup as well. SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield caters to both residential and commercial property owners in order to provide reliable and competent service.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield's expertise in uncommon cleanups and restorations allow us to thoroughly and quickly work through jobs while being cautious and effective.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield Professionals are trained to safely remove and dispose of substances or waste accordingly to OSHA, EPA and state and local health regulations.  In order to efficiently and properly complete a job,professionals are equipped with safety equipment and cleaning supplies.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield Professionals take the correct precautions and procedures in order to help turn unsafe environments that were effected by harmful waste or residue into clean and safe areas.

If biological or chemical contaminants are not dealt with accordingly they can pose serious health consequences.  This can lead to a contaminant causing a dangerous environment to all occupants.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield will gather a record of the damage and photograph when necessary to ensure the cleanup procedure is completed effectively without leaving anything harmful behind.  A few examples of what SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield work with are crime scene residues, bloodborne pathogens and sewage. 

A quick example of what could be harmful residues would be tear gas or pepper spray from a crime scene.  These chemicals would cause health issues if not taken care of and would put individuals at risk. While during the cleanup process the property and contents would also need to be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the possibility of any residue being left behind.

Another example could be a bloodborne pathogen. These pathogens are extremely dangerous and when being handled in a cleanup situation the Professionals at SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield must be aware and cautious at all times. Bloodborne pathogens could cause a number of diseases that are very serious.  These pathogens could be spread through bodily fluids, tissue or blood so it is very important that the environment is disinfected and deodorized.  

Sewage backups and black water intrusions are also very serious situations to work in.  These types of damages could contain microorganisms into a structure.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield's job is to remove the sewage, the contaminants and moisture, and to disinfect anything else.  The sewage and black water may leave a smell so in order to eliminate it a deodorizer has to be used.  The sewage creates an unsafe environment and condition to be in which is why it needs to be taken care of so quickly.

There are other types of biohazardous cleanups other than the ones listed in this blog but these are just some major issues.  SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield has experience and knowledge to handle these situations in a timely manner.  Biohazardous, vandalism and crime cleanup are always handled with good judgment and productive efforts.  The professionals at SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield are thorough throughout the entire process of completing any job they are on.