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How to Dry Materials after Flood Damage in Bloomfield

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

Flood Zone sign SERVPRO technicians use the latest technology and equipment for every storm and flood damage restoration service.

SERVPRO of Bloomfield Can Assist with Cleanup and Drying after Flood Damage

When floodwaters invade a home environment, they immediately spread out and absorb into surfaces and belongings. Professional restoration services can often act as a first responder to homeowners who are experiencing flooding. Our team can arrive on-site quickly to assess the condition of your property and put in place a proven drying strategy to ensure that the home can be re-occupied as soon as possible. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water clean up

The impact of flood damage to your Bloomfield home can occur in two distinct ways. The first way that flooding affects your home is on the surface level. This surface-level damage primarily affects carpeting, flooring, paintwork, and upholstery. Wet exterior surfaces can occasionally bleed, causing further harm by spreading furniture dye or chemicals onto surrounding surfaces. The second distinct impact of flooding is when water absorbs into pores within materials. This absorption can cause catastrophic secondary damages, including fissuring of solid floors and frameworks. 

  • Water absorbed into pores of materials can be time-consuming to dry adequately and may take several weeks or months. 
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers can help dry out materials by lowering the grain per pound (GPP) moisture in the air below 40. At this level, water is drawn out of wet materials into the drier air. 
  • Heating the surfaces or materials using furnaces or other air-moving devices can help dry out inner materials from water exposure. 

Secondary damages caused by flood water exposure can be devastating for your home. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for flood damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

Why is Dry Ice Blasting Used in Fire Damage Restoration for Nutley Residents?

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

fire and smoke damaged home sign SERVPRO fire and smoke damage restoration services are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO Uses State of the Art Fire Restoration Equipment to Restore Nutley Homes

The smoke that fire releases can be lethal if inhaled or ingested. While many of the more severe toxins released in smoke, such as monoxide, generally pass from property within an hour, there is often a large amount of unpleasant, odorous chemicals left behind after a property fire. These chemicals travel through the home in smoke but can bond with cooler surfaces leading to soiling on ceilings, walls, windows, and furniture. We can help with:

Enlisting a professional for fire damage restoration in your Nutley home ensures that it returns to a safe, hospitable environment. One of the dangers in fire restoration is applying too much aggressive action to stubborn stains and inadvertently causing damage to some of your more precious or valuable belongings and furniture. SERVPRO technicians fully understand how different materials respond to cleaning actions and can reduce damages by using advanced smoke removal equipment like dry ice machines. 

  • Dry ice blasting uses tiny pellets of dry ice (CO2) fired at high pressure directly onto the surface being cleaned. The pellets freeze and crack potential residues or soiling. 
  • Surfaces are not damaged when using dry ice machines, making them ideal for use on plastics, woods, and metals in the home. 
  • Modern advances in dry ice blasting have reduced operating expenses, making them more viable in residential fire restoration. 
  • No further water is introduced into the structure during the process.

To return your belongings to their preloss condition, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for fire damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

Can Water Mitigation Professionals in Nutley Salvage Wet Carpets?

8/17/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged carpet being removed Water damage carpets may produce malodors. SERVPRO techs are ready 24/7 365 days a year for any size water damage restoration service you need.

SERVPRO Has Dedicated Water Mitigation Technicians that Can Restore your Nutley Home

Water that leaks or spills into a property cause damage to everything that is exposed. Even small quantities of water can support microbial bacteria, cause unpleasant odors or deteriorate carpet fibers and flooring. Sometimes household items like mops or dry sheeting can be used to soak up water spills. When there is too much water to remove with household items, it is vital to bring in a qualified restoration service to prevent your home or contents from sustaining additional damage. We offer many benefits, including:

  • Water removal services
  • Water damage repairs
  • Water clean up

Carpets are often a central focus for water mitigation in your Nutley home. Carpets and other textiles are made up of dense fibers which can easily and quickly absorb moisture. A carpet that appears dry can often contain to retain moisture and continue to cause damage to the subfloor. SERVPRO technicians are adept at recognizing potential damage-causing parts of the home and using advanced mitigation strategies to prevent it from happening.

  • Water can cause delamination of carpet fibers from the backing of the carpet. Full delamination usually requires carpet replacement but can be mitigated by detaching and thoroughly drying the carpet. 
  • Floating carpets is a process where air movement is applied between the carpet laminate and the subfloor. It is often vital to mitigating long-term damages in the home. 
  • Pre-conditioning, drying, and buffering the carpet fibers using rotary machinery can go some way to restoring a carpet to its preloss condition after water exposure. 

For more advice on protecting your home from water, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for water cleanup at (973) 662-0062.

Is Mold Remediation Always Necessary for Nutley Residents?

8/7/2021 (Permalink)

mold on slab in kitchen Mold remediation is no DIY project. SERVPRO has trained and experience technicians for every job.

SERVPRO Mold Remediation Professionals in Nutley Can Help Reduce Expensive Costs Further Down the Line.

The causes of a mold issue in your home can be the result of many different factors. Sometimes materials wear down over time which can allow moisture or fungi to build up. This wearing down is common in carpets, which can delaminate, or insulation and sheetrock. The discovery of mold should be swiftly followed by:

  • Mold inspection
  • Mold remediation
  • Black mold damage repairs

Professional mold remediation in your Nutley home addresses the cause of a mold issue as well as its effects. When mold affects materials, it may be necessary to clean them on-site using wet or dry cleaning methods. Porous materials, in general, are replaced to reduce the risk of continued contamination at the property. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you through the entire process of remediation, starting with correcting moisture problems and ending by ensuring all contaminated materials are double-sealed and transported safely out of the property. We also dispose of non-salvageable materials responsibly by following the guidance of the local legislature and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). SERVPRO technicians can assist with:

  • The removal and replacement of infested drywall and insulation.
  • Detaching of carpets for inspection and possible drying of the subfloor.
  • Air-filtration for some or all of the properties to extract mold spores from the indoor environment. 

If you notice molding symptoms in your home, contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for mold remediation at (973) 662-0062.

What is the Process for Tackling Residential Flood Damage in Bloomfield?

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

storm damaged home Storm and flood damage is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for fast and immediate service. Storm damage restoration is a job for us.

SERVPRO is a Local Flood Damage Restoration Services That Serves the Bloomfield Region

Flooding situations are unfortunately common for some Americans, with changes in season, unexpected weather events, and infrastructural failure contributing to billions of dollars worth of property damage each year. While it is impossible to prevent a flood, there are several steps you can take to reduce flood damage when it does occur. Most homeowners enlist the assistance of qualified restoration professionals. These technicians can help you overcome myriad damages and perform services including:

Professional services for flood damage in Bloomfield cover the above services and could help reduce losses. The process of lowering flood damage through cleaning, drying, or removal is known as mitigation. Flood mitigation can help reduce the expenses of a claim and reduce the likelihood of suffering permanent damage. Mitigation tasks and products could include:

  • Cleaning the property with industrial-grade disinfectants, biocides, bleaches, and detergents.
  • Using equipment such as gas pumps to transport water out of the property quickly.
  • Deploying drying devices like dehumidifiers and air movers to aid the evaporation process. 

Professionals can help to recover your home after a natural disaster. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield at (973) 662-0062.

Does Fire Damage Restoration Include Contents?

7/24/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire background When a fire strikes your home SERVPRO is the team to help. We do all sizes of fire restoration services. Call now for help that is needed.

SERVPRO of Nutley Can Perform Fire Damage Restoration on Upholstery, Draperies, and Belongings.

Property fires can be damaging to your home and contents. Usually, homeowners use professional restoration services to repair damages and return the property to a preloss condition. SERVPRO is a local service that can help with:

  • fire damage restoration
  • smoke remediation 
  • House fire cleanup

The procedure for fire damage restoration of your Nutley home is to start from the source of a fire, where damage is at its worst, and work outwards. Hot smoke and ash can travel quickly through rooms of your home, affecting upholsteries and draperies with soiling, odors, or ash deposits. We have several treatments for restoring upholstery and draperies in your home after a fire. 

  • Soil repellents are a mitigation treatment that slows down soil absorption into fabrics allowing technicians more time to restore them.
  • Soil release agents increase the permeability of fabrics, making them more receptive to water-based cleaning products like detergent.
  • Cleaning products can sometimes remove fire retardants from furnishings. Our team can apply new fire retardants once items are restored.

Act quickly to prevent the permanent soiling of fabrics after a house fire. Contact SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield for fire damage restoration at (973) 662-0062.

SERVPRO Is Ready to Restore Your Water Damaged Bloomfield Business

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

clothing store; clothing displays stacked on shelf and hung Roof leaks can damage your inventory. SERVPRO techs are available and ready to restore you business.

Water Removal After a Roof Leak

Roofing is one structure commercial facility owners do not often consider, primarily due to the long life expectancies on their roof membranes. However, when the cracks on your flat roof lead to leaks and unwanted water on the floor and fixtures of your clothing storefront, you need a commercial water removal service. SERVPRO can save your structure and merchandise from mold and other water-related ailments that can occur in water damaged structures.

If a leaky roof leads to the need for water removal in your Bloomfield clothing outlet, the certified technicians at SERVPRO are ready to answer your call and restore your storefront to its pre-damage condition. We have industrial-grade equipment and extensive training to remediate water damage and can use those tools and knowledge to provide you with a pristine store once more.

Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages

When our SERVPRO team comes to you, we can get straight to work on moving and cleaning your floor, ceiling and fixtures. For drying, we can establish polyethylene chambers to contain moisture and make drying with air movers and dehumidifiers more efficient. Pooling water on your floor can be quickly picked up with wet/dry vacuums. We can also use EPA-registered disinfectants to clean surfaces and prevent the proliferation of bacteria on benches, hangers, and other items affected by water damage.

After drying, we can deodorize your store to prevent odors from developing on clothes, flooring, or in your ceiling. SERVPRO odor control technicians can use thermal foggers to emit a dry, solvent-based smoke that binds with odor-causing particles to eliminate potential smells from developing on your merchandise or structures. Before and after deodorization, ventilation box fans are utilized to both improve airflow and accelerate deodorization so that you can get back to business as usual.

SERVPRO of Nutley/Bloomfield is ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If disaster has struck your business, give our team a call today at (973) 662-0062. We can restore your structure to its prior condition and leave it, as we like to say: "Like it never even happened."

The Secret to Successful Nutley Water Damage Remediation

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used in water damaged room No matter the source of the loss, water damage requires fast cleanup to prevent secondary issues. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to dry your home.

SERVPRO Saves Contents from Water Damage

As the science of restoration advances for better remediation of water damage for contents and structures, we can help property owners experience less property damage and possessions through our proprietary methods.

Water damage in a Nutley home occurred from a burst pipe running through the ceiling over a bedroom closet. The water saturated the ceiling and nearly everything in the closet area before the homeowner had a chance to shut off the water. SERVPRO arrived quickly and removed the salvageable contents from the closet for drying and deodorization in our facility.

Water Clean Up

SERVPRO technicians always try to restore the contents of homes rather than have the homeowner replace them. Carpeting saturated in a clean water damage event does not automatically need replacing if it is cleaned quickly and professionally. This is why our technicians spend a good deal of time extracting water from carpeting and padding. Doing several passes with an extractor wand lowers the amount of time needed for drying.

A drying configuration called "floating" was used for the carpeting in the closet. One side was loosened, and an air mover was directed underneath to effectively pull all the moisture out of the padding and dry the carpet from the bottom up. As air movers force moist air to the surface, dehumidifiers capture it.

Mold is always a concern after a water intrusion. Our technicians thoroughly wipe down all surfaces affected by the water with our antifungal solutions to inhibit mold growth after drying.  This also is an effective way to neutralize odors left behind, so there are no lingering reminders of the drenching every time the homeowner opens the closet door.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield has 24-hour emergency services at (973) 662-0062 to solve your water damage problem. We can handle any size home disaster and arrive within hours to make it "Like it never even happened."

How Challenging Is Fire Restoration in a Nutley Office?

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

desk and chair in office; equipment and electronics on desk Office fires can damage electronics as well as the structure. SERVPRO's team are trained for safe restoration.

SERVPRO Takes Care of Any Hazardous Tasks during Fire Damage Restoration in Nutley Offices

A fire in an office setting creates many unique problems, including releasing dangerous substances when electronics or other gadgets combust. Fire restoration efforts must take care of the physical damages and minimize hazardous exposure for the occupants or the work crews handling the restoration.

Addressing safety issues before embarking on fire restoration in your Nutley office is essential. A simple walk-through at the loss site can help reveal what issues need addressing before they cause any adverse effects. Before the primary restoration team starts working, our SERVPRO crew chiefs carry out such inspections. The walk-through reveals electrical hazards from frayed wires or chemical residues and even firefighting chemicals. It is such issues that readily cause bodily harm if improperly handled.

Inspection of fire loss sites is necessary under different scenarios, including:

  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Commercial fire clean up
  • Smoke remediation

The level of difficulty in resolving fire damage might vary depending on what the inspection reveals. For instance, if electrical systems are affected, it is essential to strip all the cables down and clean electrical outlets before resuming normal office operations. Our SERVPRO technicians take various precautions, including using circuit testers to check whether wires are powered and using safety equipment such as heavy-duty gloves and rubber boots when performing the teardown.

Proper cleanup and disposal of wastes are also necessary steps. Our SERVPRO crews bring different trash receptacles to the loss site, including trash bags and wheeled cans, making it easier to separate various wastes. Dumpsters can be ordered and filled with large volumes of charred building materials and contents.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield handles cleanup and all other necessary actions during fire restoration. Call us at (973) 662-0062 when you need assistance. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

If A Flood Causes Damage To Your Bloomfield Home, Our Crew Can Help!

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

Storm over homes Storm damage can be overwhelming for any property owner. SERVPRO is here to help. Just call (973) 662-0062.

SERVPRO Is Your First Line Of Defense After A Storm Damages Your Bloomfield Home

When we think of flood damage, we imagine a rising river suddenly overtaking a home and carrying it downstream. Alternatively, we picture dark skies with incessant rainfall while homeowners slowly await the inevitable entry of water into their homes. In reality, floods may result from other factors such as backed-up sewage lines or blocked municipal aqueducts. Regardless of the source of water, when your home floods, you need to reach out to a professional team for help.

If you experience flood damage in your Bloomfield, SERVPRO is Here to Help. Our IICRC-certified technicians train on handling all types of emergencies that require restoration services. Most importantly, we are available around the clock to start reversing the damage caused to your home as soon as we receive your call.

Homeowners are typically overwhelmed by all that needs to happen after flood damage. Our SERVPRO crew can help you put things in order and make a timeline for restoration and repairs. Our priority after ensuring your safety is to remove any contaminated items from your property. Floodwaters carry into your home bacteria, silt, and debris that may pose a risk to your health if left unattended. Removing contents that cannot be salvaged and disposing of them according to environmental guidelines is the first step to protecting your home.

Well, beyond our expertise in extracting water and returning humidity to its normal levels, we excel in disinfecting your home. The expertise of our SERVPRO crew lets us identify the risk of mold spreading through your home, and we react accordingly. We look carefully at each surface and clean it with products specially designed for that purpose. By being deliberate in our cleaning efforts, we can prevent further damage caused by abrasive solutions.

SERVPRO of Nutley / Bloomfield has the training and experience to help return your home to mint condition. Reach out at (973) 662-0062 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”